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Customer complaint handling In your tattoo business

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To develop key principles in good customer complaint handling is the beginning of a successful tattoo business.

These principles include the following:

1. Empathy

The foundation of empathy is really understanding the customer's position and feelings.

However, there is a difference between understanding  someone and agreeing with them.  You must be trained to have the motivation and ability to understand.  Put yourself in the customer’s position and consider their feelings, whether they are right or wrong.

2. Trust and rapport

Empathizing with your customers leads to developing trust and building rapport. To truly understand your customer complaint requires listening skills even if you don't necessarily agree with the other person. The kind of listening skills which does not pass judgment — but attempts to understand how the other person is feeling.

3. The skill of listening

Listening can be difficult for some people but this should be a strong communication skill that you can learn which will make the biggest difference.

Make it a habit to listen to your customers especially when a sticky situation arises.  All customers like to be listened to and to be understood.  Listening will enable you to understand the customer complaint.


Accountability demonstrates responsibility. Own the responsibility until it is settled. If you must refer to appropriate people, do not forget to do a follow-up and check on the development of the case and find a solution to the customer's satisfaction.

Here are some of the effective ways for managing a customer's complaint:

1. Establish a system to handle complaints

2. Don't forget to document all complaints for record keeping and monitoring. Log them and categorise them.

3. Do the process in a timely manner.

4. Remember to acknowledge receipt of the complaint.

5. Examine and evaluate the complaint in a fair way.

6. Present solutions or better alternatives to solve the complaint.

7. Do not forget to inform the customer regarding the status of his or her complaints

8. Do a follow up on your customers and ask for feedback

9. Review complaint reports and create recommendation to improve your services.

Customers' complaints can be a wake-up call and motivate you to strive to make your tattoo business even better. This should also inspire long-term opportunities for product innovation and problem prevention.

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