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Easy Ways To ‘Sell’ Yourself for a Successful Tattooing Business

Posted on: August 14th, 2013 by Hayley James No Comments

You and your successful tattooing business are one.

Okay! So, I am hearing a lot of violent reaction here and the tendency to argue that of course you are not your business. Well, I don't have any plans to delve into the metaphysical explanation of your being as a person in this article—which can never be equated with your business.

Suffice to say though that what you are selling to have a successful tattooing business is really yourself. And if you are not sales-savvy, you might find it difficult (even a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable for some) to "sell" yourself. This could be a reverse humility on your part to sing your own praises. However, if you are not your best advocate, then who else will do it for you?

You can't get away with the reality that you are personally intertwined with your business which means you have to sell yourself to see your tattooing business skyrocket to heights you never dreamed of.

But don't fret—there are simple ways you can sell yourself which include the following:

1. Get a Website

Nowadays, your interactive presence counts a lot. And a website is one way of doing it. Your website is one of the best online marketing tools you can have to showcase your portfolio, your design and more stuff regarding your tattooing business.

Create your website in a professional manner. Let it have a simple navigation to provide a user-friendly environment. And don't forget that content is king. Be sure to include some of these important aspects:

  • your work process
  • examples of past work
  • testimonials
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • Contact info

2. Gather Testimonials and let these sell you and your tattooing business

Compile testimonials from your happy customers and let these speak for your services. Be sure to showcase these testimonials visibly on your website.

Always encourage your customers' feedback after they have made use of your services. Ask permission to use their compliments to publish them live in your site or email campaigns.

These testimonials can come in the form of a written statement, audio or video. You can even map out a standard testimonial form for customers to complete at the end of each service to make it easier for them to provide comments.

3. Return the favor and help others too

What goes around, comes around (not to mention sevenfold)

Consider the relationships that get created during your networking.Offer help to colleagues with the difficulties they are dealing with. Promote others through social media. Re-tweet their tweets, post links to their sites as well. Share tips, articles and other items worth-sharing. You'll be amazed at what they too can do for you.

4. Believe in the power of word of mouth

Don't be shy to ask your clients to recommend your services to others. The power of word of mouth marketing is so potent. You may even want to consider offering an incentive for referrals to inspire recommendations.

Selling yourself may be unnatural for you. It can have the tinge of arrogance or conceit. However, by being proactive about exploring new possibilities, creating new relationships and finding yourself in a positive light to sell yourself may in fact be seated in the other fence which one can define as confidence.

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