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How to develop a Membership program in your tattoo business

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Have you considered adding a membership program to your tattoo business? Well, why not? A membership program can create a network of raving fans and can even open opportunities of greater possibilities and profit stream.

Before you think of developing a membership program, ask yourself these two important questions:

  • Is it worthwhile?

    Remember that running a membership program requires lot of work from you?  If you are working IN your tattoo business, will you allocate the time needed to work ON your business?Will you still do it even if you don't get paid for it? (Well, you won't be earning right away… unless of course, you've a great platform already and you've set up a paid membership program. But even for a free membership program, possibilities will open up along the way.)  So think twice before you establish one.

  • What value are you offering?

    There are lots of membership programs available on the net now. What do you have to offer? What is uniquely inherent within you that you can offer to get people to join you? What are the benefits? It is not enough to open a forum where people can share ideas and connect with like-minded individuals. Back this up with products and services that you think will give solutions to their problems and ease their lives.

Now, majority of membership programs do not last long because of some critical mistakes in creating and running it.To avoid some of these mistakes, consider the following strategies:

1.Create enough momentum – In order to start a membership program, you need to have a momentum. Gather a bunch of people who are ready and eager to join you right away. Surveys show, you need at least 50 members in order to make it work. The program will most likely die slowly if you have fewer than this number because people wouldn't want to hang out in a boring forum where nothing exciting is  happening.

2. Create a buzz- start a program after you have created a buzz. Mostly, what creates a buzz is what people need and long for. For instance, if you have a solution to a problem that many are facing, you will definitely be stirring the crowd towards you. People would want to know and discover your strategy. And if it does work, you will be creating a buzz and luring them into your program.

3. Offer  clear benefits – when you have created the lure, do not forget to offer value. You don't want people to just take a sneak peak and leave, do, you? You want them to stay and thirst for more. Therefore, you need to offer clear benefits to them. Give them the emotional why that will pull them to join your membership program.

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