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How To Work ‘Smart’ And Not ‘Hard’ In Your Tattoo Business

Posted on: August 20th, 2013 by Hayley James No Comments

You are probably thinking that a business—your tattoo business in particular—needs you. Just like a new puppy needs you when you first bring it home.

The first few months are vital, as your puppy bonds with you, grows and learns your commands. You then adjust to another routine as your confidence in each other grows and you can begin to let go.

As you go about growing your tattoo business and improving your systems, there may be a lot of demands from you. And you may not be able to let go as easily as pulling yourself out of key decisions and tasks too early may risky.

I can understand that. One day, you will see—your tattoo business can be successful and it will grow and grow and effectively run without you.


We have this kind of mentality implanted so firmly that success can not be achieved any other way than with the ingredients of toil, blood, sweat and tears.

We are not trying to demerit the value of perseverance or hard work here. Most successful entrepreneurs do not actually work hard, 24/7.

Here are smart strategies on how you can work reasonable hour or even less hours and achieve higher productivity for your tattoo business :

1.Set a vision that you will have to decrease your involvement in running your business.

Have the sense that not all tasks and decisions are entirely upon your shoulders. By setting a vision that your business will eventually be able to stand on its own two feet if and when it is needed, you will be able to keep at the back of your mind that the decisions that you make right now in terms operational activities should be geared towards this vision. In so doing, you will be able to develop a system that will run your tattoo business effectively on its own.

2. Setting your guidelines to do things creatively and effectively

Exploring a formula which says: work less + higher productivity= earn more.


Believe me! Working smart in most cases beats working hard. In fact, in most circumstances, working more can actually be a detriment to the amount you get accomplished. In both cases, the degree of effort matching the outcome can either be equivalent or magnified.

However, working smart does not mean you will just be sleeping throughout the day and not lifting a finger to do anything—although, you can have a choice to do this at some point when you have already established how to make your money and other people work for you.

Working less and accomplishing more can be easy if you know the strategies. It has been done and tested. So what could stop you from utilizing these principles in your own business?

3. Cut time in areas that contribute little to the sum total of your output.

Ever heard of 80/20 rule? This basically recommends that concentration on the small amount of inputs which are more significant and relevant contributes to a much larger amount of output. Employing this rule means to lessen the time spent in the unproductive 80%.

Take this case for instance, you can produce ‘stock images’ for your body tattoos and charge accordingly. Or you can create fewer works from hand drawn designs—custom created, so that you develop a reputation for quality and attracts ‘life-time’customers. Which work would you think will have the higher demand?

So, invest more of your 80% energy on workload that will produce the 20% result, turn it around and work 20% on the more important stuff in your business and earn 80% profit.The motivation behind the 80/20 rule is for you to be more steadfast in cutting time in areas that contribute little to the sum total of your output in your tattoo business.

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