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Getting an apprenticeship in a tattoo studio

Posted on: January 18th, 2014 by Hayley James No Comments

Do you want to learn how to tattoo?

I must tell you—there’s a big difference between learning theoretically and through praxis. Just like baking, even if you do have the recipe and the step-by-step procedure on how to do it, it is still different when you’re actually doing it.

Take coding in website designing as another example. You may know the codes but it is actually getting the site up and live when you can really say you know how to. That’s when you encounter challenges that are not exactly in the code manual you have.  

In doing tattoos, it is beymore than simply buying a kit for tattooing. You discover more with experience. And what better experience is there than to learn “under the wing” of a skilled artist through an apprenticeship in a tattoo studio.   

You need to find an apprenticeship that will provide you the proper training to get you into the business of tattooing. You need to learn the proper skills involved in the business of tattooing like sterilization, proper cleaning, needle making, prepping, making stencils and every other aspect of the business.

Finding the right fit for you may not be that easy. Go and make rounds to as many reputable shops as you can, then leave your contact details.  Let them know that you are interested. Don’t be shy to follow up with a phone call to inquire about the status of your apprenticeship. It shows them that this really matters to you.

Here are some important aspects on getting an apprenticeship in a tattoo studio:

Be respectful and presentable.

You may be surprised to find yourself in a studio with what your Mom may consider as bad-influence-looking-people (even thug-like looking), not to mention real heavy metal music but it does not in any way give you the excuse to behave like you’re the real villain and forget your manners.  Do not forget to maintain your respect towards others. And always be presentable. (The secret is to look neat and clean.)

Gain Knowledge.

Do not pass the opportunity to learn and discover new things about the tattooing business—even the little things which you think may be too small to be unimportant. Learn from the experience and enjoy your time learning stuff.

Be Sincere.

Do not be someone you are not. If you know something, share it even to your mentor. And if you don’t know things, don’t be afraid to ask. Be yourself and be honest.

Image courtesy of Marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

How To Avoid Stress In Your Tattoo Business

Posted on: December 17th, 2012 by Hayley James No Comments

You’re probably really looking forward to the Christmas break – right?   If your Tattoo Business has been thriving leading up to Christmas – GREAT!  But, have the extended hours you have worked in your Tattoo Studio taken its toll on you physically?  

The thing is, Christmas can also be a bit stressful, catching up with friends and family, too much food, too much alcohol and late nights.   Don’t let the hectic pace of socialising over Christmas stress you out.    You will need some down-time to rest, re-cooperate and recharge your batteries.  Try these Tips for ways to avoid stress and maintain your health and safety in the workplace.. 

TIP 1.   Get rid of technology (even for a few days) Leave your laptop/iPad at home and turn off your mobile phone.    You need to escape from the daily communication from home and work.  Make sure your loved ones know you are going away and use your answering machine to communicate to your customers.

TIP 2.  Reward yourself in an activity that you really want to do.  This could be anything from taking a Spa Treatment to reading a good book to going scuba diving or learning to surf – be as adventurous as you like.  Trying new things is a great way to switch off from your daily routine.

So, have some fun and remember to take some time-out for YOU. The last thing you want; is to feel like you need another holiday!   Like us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/TattooBusinessForProfit