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Tattoo Business – How To Get Cash Flowing

Posted on: July 1st, 2014 by Hayley James No Comments

One of the booming industries in the market today is tattooing. It compliments the increase of the number of people who appreciate body art. If you are just starting out as a tattoo artist and you want to start your own tattoo shop or you already have a tattoo parlor, the type of information you need to know is how to get cash flowing in your tattoo business. Here are some tips to do just that.

Track Every Cent You Spend

In running a business, one of the key points in keeping the cash flowing is you have to know what your monthly outgoings are, what your actual takings are and what your expected expenses are within the business. Another way of saying this is to keep records on every transaction, this way you will be amazed at how differently you view a decision to spend un-necessarily on items for your shop that will not bring a return, as it will mean less to you in your pocket if you do.

Bonding Services Works

Another way to keep the cash flow going is to bond a certain service with a value added service. The value added service should look like something that has a huge percieved value to your customer but you can deliver at little or not expense to you. The value you place on your consultation time, or the value you place on the free post skin samples you give a client should be written in your service menu and presented as a bundled service price. High percieved value for delivering what you would normally deliver anyway. 

Develop A Contingency Plan

Running a business is fraught with many twists and turns.  In reality 95% of businesses fail within their first year.  Because of this uncertainty, it is vital to develop a strong contingency plan for your tattoo shop. A contingency plan is a business plan that would allow your business to run even in the event of  a down-turn in business or your inability to work due to ill health.

Tattoos are now widely accepted which has not only helped increase demand for tattoo services but has given a boost to the tattoo industry as a whole. No wonder starting your own business and running a tattoo shop is one of the best ways to make a living if you are a tatoo artist and a talented artist in drawing and design.

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