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Tattoo Expo’s – How to get the most out of trade shows to grow your tattoo business

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You can grow your tattoo business by maximizing the benefits you can get out of tattoo expos. You see, trades shows must be viewed as a potent aspect of your total marketing plan. But there are entrepreneurs who consider trade shows as an expense—and they may be right if you don't know how to get the most of these trade shows to grow your business.

For instance, most companies will be spending their money on their display and their booths when they should have given more focus and training on the people manning the booth. Come to think of it, your people must be one of the more important components of trade show marketing because they are the ones who make the sales, not the booth.

Here are other considerations to get the most out of trade shows to grow your tattoo business:

1. Join trade shows for the right reasons.

Joining a trade show is not just to stamp your presence because your competitors have. It is not because your next-shop tattoo business is going that you are also going.  Yes, it pays to be seen but don't make this as your only motivation for attending.

You need to establish your goals on why you want to join trade shows.  Vision a positive outcome from the trade show and put the steps in place to achieve them.

2.  You need to prepare for the event

Planning and preparation are your crucial ingredients to address the unforeseen circumstances that can be challenging during the trade shows.  You will never know what will happen during the expo. And this can be beyond your control. You need to have back-up plans.   

3. Maximise your time during the trade show.

Don't waste your time by simply sitting at a trade show booth doing nothing but eating, reading or having conversations with the people in the next booth.  This is a very common scenario in trade expos.  Take advantage of all trade show opportunities. Know why you are there and what is expected of you. And if you are taking a team with you, train them too to take advantage of every opportunity to make a good impression.

Joining trade shows is a very powerful tool for businesses so long as you approach it with the right attitude and planning.  It can be very exhausting but never rob yourself the fun that it can also bring you. Aside from the big opportunity of networking with people and other businesses which can put your tattoo business on the map so to speak, it really is the venue to showcase your craft and tell the world, "This is my contribution—my drop in the bucket."

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