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Time management – Getting ‘Things’ Done In Your Tattoo Business

Posted on: September 12th, 2013 by Hayley James No Comments

You can't get things done in your tattoo business by smashing your clock, hoping time will stop and you can go on and on with your workload.

However, with proper time management, you will realize that you can even work for a less in time but produce more. Sounds good?

Well, you need the skill of time management. These are a set of techniques that enableyou to function effectively despite any pressure of daily life. Strategies that when observed routinely will become habits for success – skills utilized by the highest achievers in all walks of life, may it be in business, sports and entertainment or public service.

How about trying it in your tattoo business?

The foundation of time management is not about spending time in a frenzy of activities but a shift in priorities and focusing on doing the right things. It is concentrating on results and not on just being busy.  We all know the feeling  achieve very little despite of a lot of activity..

Have you heard of the 80:20 Rule? The 80:20 Rule is inspired by the Pareto Principle which states that 80% of unfocused effort creates only 20% results. And the remaining 80% are products attained with only 20% of the effort. So, why not focus on achieving more by doing less.

By observing the 80:20 Rule, you can optimize your effort so that you can focus as much of your time and energy as possible on the high payoff tasks. This helps you attain the greatest benefit possible with the limited amount of time available to you. And this is done by doing what you are good at and delegating other tasks which you know will give you mediocre results if you do it yourself.

Knowing your priorities is the crucial technique you need in order to maximize the very best use of your own efforts. If you prioritize you will be able to create the space that will produce tranquility in your life. This will enable you to focus your energy and attention on the things that you do best and really matter.

You need to budget your time where it is most-needed and most wisely spent, which in turn will free you from less important tasks that can be delegated to people concerned, attended to at a later date or dropped if deemed insignificant.

Proper time management will help you organize things, reduce stress, and move you towards attaining a successful productive tattoo business. It will effectively help you to choose what to work on and when rather than produce nothing at all at the end of the day. This is very important if you're to produce results of any real value.

Without time management you are lost. You don't want to be buried in what seemingly are endless list of competing demands, would you?

Now, rate yourself—do you know how to manage your time? Or do you find yourself swamped with too much workload and little time to do them?

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