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Why You Need Client Management Software In Your Tattoo Business

Posted on: September 5th, 2013 by Hayley James No Comments

Your tattoo business needs a Client Management software.

Yeah, you read it right! This is the age of technology integrators— people incorporate technology in almost every aspects of their lives, from interacting with one another to conducting businesses.

If you want to work smart and not hard in your tattoo business, then get a client management database. The simplest one can offer features for you to keep track of your customer information, (basic contact information such as customer name, address, phone number, birthdate and email address),as well as give you access to a history of the types of services and products bought and record all communication and invoice history. The client management you choose may also give you the ability to organize information for your list of suppliers and the contacts and companies you work with whilst other systems provide more advanced features such as the ability to integrate emails, SMS capabilities,a marketing report functionality and so much more.

Here are some of the advantages of having a client management software in place for the success of your tattoo business:

  • Working less and earning more

    When you have all of relevant information kept in one place, there will be easy access. By storing automated email campaigns in your software you are sure to see added efficiency in organization through automating your workload.You will be able to spend less time with paperwork and concentrate on the more important stuff in your business like marketing, selling and taking care of your customers which would result in an increase in profits.

  • Reduce Costs

    You will be able to reduce costs because of your time-efficient software. You don't have to hire extra help to do the extra workload. Even if you do have your own staff, they, too, will be able to increase productivity by not spending too much time accessing customer information and other pertinent details and organizing them. Your client management software is already doing the task for them which will enable them to have the time to spend for more important tasks.

  • Keep track of client interaction

    Your client management software can compile a convenient list of interaction for each time you touch base with a contact including appointments, phone calls, letters, email or SMS. These will be logged and recorded with the contact’s information. Keeping track of these interactions will help you in dealing with your customers effectively. Imagine getting a surprise phone call from a client— all you need to do is to simply pull up their name and view their account history. Not only can you trace when each past interaction took place; you can also see the content of the emails or phone calls, making you more prepared for the conversation at hand.

All you need now is to familiarize yourself with the various client management software available in the market. And in choosing and buying one, remember these:

  • Go for a user-friendly software.

    It will be of no use to you if you can't use the software because you are not tech-savvy. Choose what's simple and effective with regards to implementation and check that help desk support is available.

  • Consider the features that you need most

    List down your priority requirements. Without complicating things, the more important features include managing customer information, tracking sales activities and looking at the information by running reports on those activities. It is likely that the accounting component of the software is not what you need so be aware that you may not need to spend extra for all the bells and whistles.

  • Ensure that you can upgrade the software from time to time

    You might be a small business today, but consider that in a few years time, you will be able to reap your rewards and be very successful. Your system must be upgradeable to be able to keep pace with your growth and evolving business needs. You don't want to start from scratch and replace your client management software. Ensure your software can handle an expanding load and increasing customer base.

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